Sunday, October 11, 2009

We're MELTING!!!


Ok, today's weigh in was -.2 lb (4.2 lbs total) for me, -3 lbs (6lbs total) for my buddy. A little less than I had hoped for myself, but I am feeling the shift in my body and down is good by any degree, lol. I am also using a keto-stip to test for ketones in my urine, which indicate the body is burning fat. I am solidly in ketosis, so I am looking forward to both a more dramatic loss tomorrow, and a good showing of inch loss on Friday!

My issue today has been increased hunger. Luckily, my partner in protocol is not experiencing the same issues. My sources tell me this will pass soon, and if not there are adjustments which will need to be made (more protein or high iu's of hcg.) I'll definitely keep you posted! Honestly, I think my metabolism has been down so long it is just jumping back in the swing of things.

Thus far, no temptation has been enough to even coming close to swaying me, even though I have been around odious amounts of social eating every single day. Friday was a party with homemade cookies, Saturday was the VW lover's Halloween gather with tons of food and alcohol, and today was the big Chili cook-off at church. I just keep telling myself there is plenty of time to indulge later, and feeling fit and healthy makes it all worthwhile!

I am proud of myself (and my wonderful friend.) We're MELTING!

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