Monday, October 19, 2009

Seven and Nine

Before I begin, I want to tell you that my friend and i went shopping last week, a few days into our program, and I purchased a beautiful sweater in a size medium. I did so despite the fact that when I tried it on it was very tight, but I could tell the shape and color would be very complimentary eventually. I normally wear XL or L, depending on the cut. Then, only four days later, I felt that I had begun to shift in the inches I tried it on fully expecting it would still be tight and unattractive. I was wrong! It was smooth and lovely on me, and though still snug, it looked fabulous ;-) I am thrilled to be re-shaping so nicely! OK, on to the details...

Today is VLCD # 11. I have been doing the mini-stall thing again this week, with my last three weigh ins being a gain of .6 lbs, a gain of .2 lbs, and a loss of .4 lbs. Leaving me in basically the same weight loss category as last check in (209.8...a total of nearly ten lbs gone in 10 days, so still impressive.) However, we measured on Friday, and I have lost an amazing 7.25 inches thus far!!! Seven inches gone!

My anonymous friend has had a steady loss of nearly a pound each day, and has, so far, lost 9 inches! Woo HOO! She is also officially in ONEderland, having reached 198.6 lbs today :) Nearly 11 lbs in 10 days *happy dance!!!*

Once again, I am still registering heavy ketosis, I can feel my body changing dramatically, but I am not seeing the numbers on the scale drop as quickly as I would like. Stay tuned!

I am eliminating splenda for a couple of days, and making certain I have adequate water intake. I will also start a more detailed journal of my activities to see if there is something I may be missing which is causing the stall on the scale. Honestly, I suspect I will have another big drop (2 to 4 lbs) I did the last week when this same pattern was unfolding.

Happy Monday everyone!

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