Thursday, October 22, 2009

Loving the compliments!

I wish I could say that I can see a fabulous loss when I look in the mirror, but not really much so far...though I DID notice my neck looked longer yesterday, and I can shadows of shifting in my face. However, I am getting complements nearly every day I feel certain that it shows.

I CAN feel the weight coming off, and am stunned each and every day to realize my close fit differently every time I get dressed. I am loving this! Tomorrow is our second day for measuring, so I look forward to posting those for you.

Down to business: today VLCD# 14 and I have lost 12.8 lbs. My friend had a stall/gain, but is back to her lowest weight today, putting her at 12 lbs gone exactly. *Happy Dance* No complaints here! My appetite is wonderfully non-existent, making following the plan simple and avoiding indulgences much easier. I have begun to dig a little deeper to vary the menu, which is a bit narrow for me since I don't like seafood and have found that beef causes stalling for me. I can imagine that for someone who actually likes chicken, tillapia, shrimp, lobster, etc, and who can still lose with beef...that it would be a delightful menu. As it is, with just the chicken and tillapia I have been able to keep it pretty interesting, though with 24 days remaining, 26 with the two clearing hcg from the system, I am feeling even these dishes will become a bit weary. I'll keep you posted!

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