Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Only 2 more lbs to ONEderland!

The beautiful place where the number on the scale begins with a ONE! It has been an amazing weekend, and I am still in shock over my successes so far. I knew it was going to great, but to feel this good while changing this fast...awesome. Life is good, and getting better every day!

Today is VLCD# 19, and I am down 17 lbs to 202.6, while my buddy is up .2 today, but looking amazing as she shrinks out of her clothes, so who cares about the brief stall, lol!

The good news is, we are half-way to P3, and the rebalancing phase (which will last three weeks.) Then P4 (phase 4) for another 3 weeks. The beginning of round 2 will be near the first of January, so any of you who want to join me for round two can plan ahead!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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