Thursday, October 15, 2009

Supplies and Inspiration Links

I thought I'd share my supply and inspiration links:

ESSENTIAL reading for those considering the protocol or who have questions: Dr Simeon's "Pounds and Inches" which explains the protocol:

Some current hCG research:

For the hCG itself:

Note: hCG can be mixed for oral subligual use rather than the injections I chose. It is also availble in homeopathic drops or spray, which do actually contain hCG but seem to be nearly as effective. There are also clinics available, at a much higher cost, if you feel daunted by the idea of doing this yourself!

For the injection supplies:

NOTE: there are other suppliers for the hcg and supplies, these were the ones I chose based on good pricing.

An incredible group of people using hCG, in its oral, injection, and homeopathic forms: NOTE: search for hCG in the bulletin boards and the group will come up. It is a high volume thread, new each month, so between the current month and past archives you can read to your heart's content and see real results.

Another great group for information and support:

And finally, I highly recommend searching YouTube for "hcg diet," "dr. simeon's protocol," etc...there are many vlogs and informational videos from a wide variety of people using hcg. Read with discretion of course! My favorite you tubers: mamaclok and delmem


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