Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy Breezy

Today is VLCD # 5. I actually gained .2 lbs today, and my friend gained 2 lbs. Strangely enough, we are both really OK with it. She is experiencing TOM and though we are being aware of what is going on in our diet and lifestyle (she tried some oil free lotion yesterday, for example,) we feel like we are being very intentional and all will balance out in the end. Also, my keto sticks are still showing that I am in ketosis, so I feel confident all is well.

On the extreme upside, I am no longer feeling more than mild hunger, and only that at mealtimes ;-) Yea! The shots are going smoothly, the diet is simple, clean, and so far delicious. I have lost over five lbs in 4 days. SO...I am shiny and will be glad to let you know how weigh in goes tomorrow. I am really psyched to do measurements again on Friday!

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