Thursday, October 8, 2009

It All Begins: Loading Days!

I took my first injection of hcg yesterday morning and began my first official load day. I was AMAZED at how easy the injection was and how little pain was involved (I have been queasy at the thought of injections from the get-go...I hate needles.)

Yesterday (my first load day) was a truly miserable experience, lol. I am doing this in tandem with a close friend, so she stopped by to do injections together and we celebrated by going to IHOP and beginning our load with a bang. I swear, the hcg was already affecting me within that first hour! I had to force down my breakfast (3 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, and a pumpkin pancake with lots of real butter and butter pecan syrup.) I then came home and ate every couple of hours (avocado, cream cheese, coconut oil, sharp cheddar, cheeseburger patty, cheesecake filling.) Evey time I put something in, it was forced. I then went to Logan's steakhouse for dinner, and enjoyed a juicy steak, sauteed mushrooms, 1/2 sweet potato with loads of butter and cinnamon. I though I might really die. I walked out SO full, lol. Valiantly, I was able to finish out the night with five strips of bacon and a slice of cheesecake. I only got in about 70 oz of water. I am also savoring every cup of creamy coffee I can, since that may be my one tragic loss for the remainder of protocol.

Despite all that, I still woke with a .4 lb loss today. I hope the load shows up better tomorrow! I am off and running with a similar day today, only no carb rich foods (I HAD to have my pumpkin pancake yesterday, lol. They only come once a year !)

SO begins my journey. Thanks for reading!

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