Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Inch Day

Just dropping in to give the results of our week three measurements!

I lost another 2.5 inches, and my friend lost another 7 inches :-) We are at 18 lbs lost and 15 lbs lost on VLCD #22.

Not bad. It has been a tough week, lol. I am finally finished with TOM, and ready for week four. I have read a lot about the terrible week three, where you get sick of your food, have stalls in losses as your body adjusts, often encountering TOM (if you, like me, start hcg just after your cycle ends) and psychologically reach that place where you decide whether to stop at a short 23 day round, or hold out for 40. So, I understand, lol. I am no less excited than when I began, but am ready for a fresh and fantastic week four! AND dreaming of P3 and it's expanded menu. Not that I can complain really...tonight is curried chicken and spinach soup. Yum!

We are definitely holding out for 40 days and hoping for our original 30-35 lb goal =-) See you soon!

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