Tuesday, October 20, 2009

11 pounds in 12 days

Today is VLCD# 12, and this morning's weigh in gave me another 1.4 lb loss, after a few days of stalling again. I am quite happy with the results, and the inch loss, but still feeling a bit baffled by the hanging numbers/drops. I think most people tend to lose at a more steady pace, but it seems my body is a bit different in that regard, lol. It is good to keep my eye on the big picture and realize that all is well, even when the required morning weigh in is deceptive (as a biology student I recognize that a complex dance of fat loss, toxin release, water retention and release, and other rebalancing factors are at play here...but I still get the emotional attachment to instant outcome gratification, even when my head knows better.)

I'll be back soon! I'm keeping it short because my final paper for my shortened 8 wk online class is due today, and that means I'll have a bit more free time for the remainder of the semester...WOO HOO!

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