Saturday, October 10, 2009

4 lbs!

My VLCD 2 weigh in was a shocking 4 lb loss! WOO HOO! That puts me a solid lb under my pre-loading weight ;-)

I am enjoying that floating on air feeling for day 2, and though I do not expect quite such dramatic results every is nice to begin with a bang. I became quite hungry by 2:30 this afternoon, while attempting to wait for my protocol buddy, who was planning to lunch with me today. I finally gave up and enjoyed a yummy spinach and chicken soup, along with my melba. I had my apple earlier for mid-morning snack. I am planning to bake my apple this evening with cinnamon and stevia to add a dessert like touch to my lemon pepper tilapia salad dinner ;-)

I did experience stinging with my shot this morning...perhaps because I was so giddy and impatient after my morning weigh in, lol.

My silent partner ALSO lost enough to put her below her pre-load day weight, coming in at 3 lbs lost. I will be posting her stats and pics along with mine, but leaving her information private at her request. SO, you get to see the results in double time, lol.

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