Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cutting it short!

Much to our confusion, my hCG buddy and discovered that we were running quite low on our injection mixture a couple of days ago. With only a few days left, we decided it is better to end a few days early than to remix another batch and risk having it lose it's potency before R2 (beginning Dec 31st.)

Therefore, today was our final injection, putting us 72 hours away from P3 (phase 3, maintenance begins: 3 weeks of no sugars/starch, but otherwise normal caloric intake.) During this time we must remain in a very strict window of 2lbs above and below our last hCG weigh in. There are measures in place to assist us with this (steak days and various modifications of the same.) The really great news is that while our bodies are stabalizing and restoring/resculpting muscle tone, we should continue to lose inches ;-)

I'll log in with our official end of R2 stats tomorrow or Thursday!

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