Sunday, November 29, 2009

Clean Eating and Cardio!

OK, so I got a little carried away with the traveling and holiday fare (my mother's oh-so-lovingly prepared turkey and noodles, to be exact!) I have not had a weight fluctuation, but I can say for certain that at least twice this weekend I ignored my body's signals and now I feel groggy and a bit out of sync. My buddy is feeling much the same way, so we are planning a correction day and a return to a very clean menu for a few days. The really good news is, we are about ready to begin adding cardio back in for a few weeks and perhaps a good, gentle yoga. I miss the regular movement of my body, and I feel ready to connect to the new shape I am experiencing...before it shrinks again in January, lol!

I will be heading into surgery on the 22nd, so things will slow down again after that while I take a relaxing sojourn of healing. It is my intention, if I am feeling ready, to begin loading for R2 on Dec 31st. Here's to a peaceful and healing holiday season!

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