Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Reverie

Here at Cedar Lane, the ever shifting colors of autumn, the constant flutter of leaves gliding down, and the scent of burning leaf litter and branches are companions as we work around the property. We re-located the fire-pit to the back stretch of yard, to better view the moon rising as we enjoy the company of excellent friends and the occasional drum circle. We are nearly finished with converting the caretaker's house from a messy, abandoned storage area into a beautiful creative space for Bliss Studios. The pool has been officially closed, and the plants and bulbs which need shelter for the winter months have found new homes inside the house.

Even on the career front things are shifting into a new routine. Sherri and I finished Live Your Intentions last week, sent out the book proposal to our favorite publishing companies shortly thereafter, and celebrated the wonderful news that our Huffington Post article was accepted. Now, we are settling into the pleasant and busy work of writing articles and growing our fan base and marketing plan. We know big changes are ahead, as we begin teaching workshops, traveling to promote and share our vision, and hopefully, establish a partnership with one of our publishers of choice. We are preparing to appear on Unity FM in December, and participating in a number of marketing affiliate partnerships in the coming weeks before our official book launch date of December 10th.

More positive, but transformational news came this past weekend when my daughter returned home from a long stay with her father. As she settles back into our family routine, it feels as of life here, as busy as it seems, is winding down for the last dance of fall and the slow curve of winter.

Perhaps I am a little sentimental, but while I watch my girls play outside, enjoying a gorgeous afternoon, i am aware that there are storm clouds building, and from my place at the window, every minute feels like a moment waiting to be savored; a last glimpse of green, tinged with pumpkin scented treasure, before the holiday rush and cold, steel gray of winter skies begin to edge in.

So, coffee in hand, I am going to wander out to my favorite bench, let the leaves drift down like so many vibrant blessings, and take a few deep breaths as I contemplate the content for another article and send autumn infused thoughts across the ocean to the heart of a man I won't see again until winter has a full grip on the Ozarks and these fall nostalgias are a distant memory.

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