Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Whimsy

I have rejoiced in the delicious weather over the course of the past week. Why does it seem that these moments of warmth precede a renew vigor of winter's long embrace?

In the days leading up to this looming storm (a blizzard warning? Really??) I have enjoyed an afternoon playing disc golf (my first game ever, and coming in at +33 on 10 holes, I think you professionals should be _very_ afraid) and another meandering and shooting on the archery trails at Ritter Springs. I had a pic-nic with Patrick, a park visit with Nanette, and enjoyed my downtown area on foot. I wore t-shirts and rolled the windows down. I sipped coffee on the back porch in the sun. I began dreaming of river trails, floating destinations, and campsite location choices.

Now, however, there is constant buzz of chatter and almost giddy speculation surrounding me from people knowingly relating information about storm warnings, protecting pipes, stocking up on supplies, and prepping for possible power outages. There are tales of the last ice storm, folks who are flippant and confident no storm will come, others who are spouting dire predictions, and a select few who are feeling joyful about a return to winter revelry. I find myself feeling both a little concerned at what might happen with another ice storm induced power outage (we are now living in an all electric home rather than a farmstead with wood heat and propane!) and bummed about the loss of gorgeous sunny days that offered all the enticements of a lovely spring.

Since Patrick is well on his way to a new semester overseas, it seems somehow fitting to settle into the house for a few days of winter weather lock-down. Perhaps it is needful that we have time to savor our family bonds, re-evaluate our goals for winter, and relax into the protection offered by modern comforts like filtered water and central heat. So, after work I am off to pick up a few supplies before we make dinner together, fill the containers with back-up water, and break out the extra blankets, flashlights, candles, and lighters. Board games, art supplies, and bookshelves, here we come!

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