Monday, August 30, 2010

Journey to Cedar Lane

Imagine a curving, paved, private drive lined with mature Cedar trees. At the foot of the hill, a circle drive leads you to a two-story, stone house; the two-car, stone garage; a small caretaker's studio; and back up around the tree lined lane.

Standing on the sidewalk in front of the house, you can look to your right and see a broken stone wall, an area where a fountain and gardens at one time dwelled, and a path that leads to a charming (and wee bit creepy) spring house. Further on there is an outdoor BBQ oven and large stone table fit for banqueting (or sacrificing virgins, lol!) There is a lovely, fresh spring flowing out of the rocky hillside, and gathering in a moss-filled pool before trickling down the property in the expanse between the firepit-focused gathering area (next the house) and the wooded spring path.

If you look to your left instead, you will be graced with a view of the 10 ft swimming pool and surrounding patio and walkways, lovingly re-landscaped by my friend Robin and her tireless mother. Behind the house, there is a huge yard filled with grassy hills and mature trees, which fade into the woods and hillside in the distance. A perfect space for hammocks, archery practice, or meandering meditation.

The house itself, while outdated and in need of continued TLC, is sturdy and in good repair. Full of charming space, the views from the dining room and bedrooms are breathtaking, and the overall feel here is of deep roots, safe haven, and peace.

I moved into Cedar Lane a few weeks ago, taking the universe up on a unique opportunity to room with a good friend in this lovely, magical place. Every morning I wake grateful and amazed that this is my home. I have never felt more centered in any physical place other than the Buffalo River valley.

You will hear me speak about transformation on a regular basis. It seems like the theme for my life has been a radical variety of transformation, and indeed, looking back, every few years my life has shifted to become a nearly unrecognizable (typically vastly improved) version of it's previous self. Though the changes are good, they can be exhausting. While I love knowing that whatever challenges and opportunities come my way I am willing and able to meet them, I find myself becoming aware that growth can be gentle, and seeking graceful shifts rather than world shattering change.

It is time to sink into the healing space offered by Cedar Lane and get to know the brave and expansive woman I have become over the past many moons. I feel ready to examine my goals, dreams, and vision for the future. This move to Cedar Lane marks a new beginning for me, and I cherish the love, power, peace, and potential for vibrant life that I am experiencing as Summer smiles her warm greeting at Autumn's colorful entrance.

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