Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Brief History of My Weight Loss Journey

I want to start by saying that I have an amazing, magical life. I am surrounded by wonderful people. I have transformed my life continually...coming from extreme poverty, drug and alcohol infused family life, physical and sexual abuse, and pretty incredible odds to become a healthy, happy woman. It has been a journey filled with joy and despair and pretty much every challenge I can imagine facing. I may allow my story to unfold for you some day. But for now I am here to talk about one particular aspect of my story, a part that I have yet to struggle with weight.

Now, I have been working on this problem for 16 years, and suddenly I find myself in a unique place...I feel confident that I have found the solution, but I am waiting for the materials to arrive so I can begin. I have never felt so certain of something for which I have no personal evidence. Do you want to know what it is? Good. I would LOVE to have you along for my journey! No, I am NOT selling anything. I have no purpose for blogging here other than the desire to keep myself accountable and perhaps help others discover a new inspiration to dig deeper into their own success.

First: I am not new to the idea of weight loss, nutrition or fitness. I have been looking for a solution, researching and in some cases attempting various diets, exercise programs, lifestyle changes, and healing modalities related to the topic. I have worked the low calorie and low carb programs. I have worked out consistently( and still do,) doing both cardio and resistance training (tweaking and shifting every variable I could imagine.) I have read a library of books. I have tried supplements, shakes, and cleanses. I have worked on emotional healing, energetic healing, and homeopathic balancing. I do not have a food addiction (these days I eat a balanced diet with very few processed foods.) Yet, I remain between 80 and 100 lbs overweight, carrying 220 lbs on my five foot frame...year, after year.

SO. Why now? Why do I suddenly feel I have the solution? I have no idea. The research is sound: Dr Simeon's protocol has been in use for decades. The science is fascinating (I am a biology major, in my senior year.) The evidence, for others, seems impeccable. But the real reason I am here, is that sometime during my second reading of "Pounds and Inches" I began to become excited in a way I have NEVER been; became certain that I was reading about myself, my future, my path out of this dark battle with my weight, my self esteem, my well meaning family and friends, and my physical limitations.

What is my plan? Follow the protocol as laid out by Dr. Simeon in the aforementioned text (available for free online, simply google "Pounds and Inches.") If you have any interest in this program, I cannot stress to you the importance of reading (and perhaps re-reading) this book. There are plenty of online resources, which I will gladly share with you in the coming blogs. The basics: daily hcg injections. A specific and very precise diet. An intentional commitment to conscious living.

My hcg and supplies are in the mail. As I await them, I will lay out the plan specifics and resources, as well as giving you my before pics. See you tomorrow!

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